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the first ‘P’ in Marketing: Packaging


At the Hutton Group, our greatest responsibility is to you, our customers.

Founded in 1956 by Noel Hutton, we have built an impressive base of expertise in the packaging industry — always providing the absolute best products and services. Our clients have responded by making us an integral part of their business operations. We maintain a knowledgeable and motivated workforce, giving us the flexibility to exceed expectation by continually creating innovative packaging solutions.

Our dedication to excellence, customer service, the environment, and our employees defines us, and it’s the engine that drives the Hutton Group towards even greater achievements. Our skilled team makes it possible for us to achieve the quality and reliability our customers count on.

As packaging experts, the Hutton Group has partnered with leading several manufacturing companies within the industry, providing corrugated cardboard boxes, folding cartons, polyethylene bags, design, printing, and even warehousing and inventory services. We offer the convenience of a one-stop-shop for packaging.